NorthBay CS Tournament | Grand Finale' Preview | Oct 2013

NorthBay CS Tournament | Grand Finale' Preview | Oct 2013

Match Facts

October 04, NBS University
Start time 7:00 PM (1400 GMT)

Big Picture

Organized by the newly elected Event Management Committee of NorthBay Solutions, 'Counter Strike Tournament' which began with a much talked about thrilling opener played by Frost Fanatics against Mini Commandos on September 23, will reach its terminus down in the Lower Basement of NBS with the deciding match of the tournament. Some of the participating players have already been here in the University Floor for more than three months but it is unlikely to see someone (except TnT of Gamer xs: Redefined) taking advantage of the home ground at the conclusion of the tournament in NBS University. All the other teams containing home players have been knocked out of the tournament as Gamer xs: Redefined & Frost Fanatics rushed their way to the finalist spots.

As it all started with the lucky draws to finalize which three of the six teams land together in one of the pools, the first upset (by fate) was the inclusion of three remarkable teams (Gamer xs: Redefined, Mini Commandos, and Frost Fanatics) in Pool A; Team Infinity being the fourth big fish landing with two other teams in Pool B. This pool division made it clear that all the matches in Pool A would be sensational and those in Pool B would be kind of dead rubbers, as it really turned out later. It also made it obvious that one of the good teams in Pool A would not qualify for the semi finals making one of the semi-finals one sided as Gamer xs: Redefined proved it in the first semi-final by crushing Khamosh Tanhai with 39 rounds to 1. The second semi-final, however, was a match worth seeing that made the audience say, "It was completely breathtaking. Unbelievable show." On the match day, the walls of all the floors of NBS kept hearing the gossips titled 'Spartan versus RDX' instead of 'Frost Fanatics versus Team Infinity'; the title for a match that resulted in a win for Frost Fanatics beating Team Infinity by 25 rounds to 15.

As Frost Fanatics reached the finals with a highly gifted CS player & captain Spartan leading an average side, Gamer xs: Redefined made it to the finals comfortably without losing any match with a side whose every individual is at least more than a reliable player, if not a giant. The finalists have faced one another in the Pool Matches where Gamer xs: Redefined won a thriller by 22 rounds to 18.

Despite having played some impressive Counter Strike, both teams face the possibility of tasting a defeat. At the same time, both the captains are looking at the chances of leading their teams to a top notch triumph. Both the teams won't be taking any chances. Despite good planning and strategy, both teams have gone through the feeling of being under high pressure as their opponents gave them a tough time across the game-play of 40 rounds in the pool matches. Both teams may be a little battle weary but the prospect of a final of nerves should perk up the opportunists, at least. If the emotions stay away, we can justifiably hope for a carnival atmosphere and some incredible shooting saturnalia to sign off the 2 weeks long tournament. Savour it, because there would be an unannounced gap in time before such hostilities resume in some other tournament.

Form Guide

Gamer xs: Redefined Win Win Win
Frost Fanatics Win Loss Win

Watch Out For...

  • Mr. Green and TnT, underrated by some very initially, can be easily seen in the top charts at the end of each set of 10 rounds because of Mr. Green's simple yet focussed and TnT's strategical game-play for Gamer xs: Redefined
  • NA1 was added to Gamer xs: Redefined's squad as cover but he was given chances in the first match & semi-finals where he was found screaming with an intensity of 130 dB, while his jumping on his seat brought about shocks in NBS building measuring 6.9 on Richter Scale. The effects of this paranormal activity were even felt by office-boys watching TV on the rooftop let alone the opponents sitting just beside him. Even the teammates tasted the bullets fired from NA1's gun but soon his captain took care of it. The impact was obvious when NA1's score was 11:1 claiming an ACE for his team in a 10-rounds set. If he plays, it will be an unfortunate psychological disadvantage to Frost Fanatics.
  • Spartan, leading Frost Fanatics from the front, finished his last round in the second semi final killing all the five opponents all by himself.
  • Hitler, the trump card of Frost Fanatics, could be found doing anything on the fighting arena. You asked, "anything"? Yes, anything; starting from whistling around at the bomb site to using his already chewed bubble gum for cleaning gun powder from his pistol at the spawn point. If he plays, it will be an unfortunate psychological disadvantage to Gamer xs: Redefined, making it difficult for them to judge which side he actually belongs.

Team News

Gamer xs: Redefined
As Zalim Pathan was ruled out, perhaps after straining a hamstring while running to defuse C4 Bomb in de_inferno in the 2nd match, NA1 came as a replacement in the first knock-out match. Zalim Pathan will be assessed in the Friday morning, with NA1 providing cover.

  1. Khurram Farooq (Reloaded) - Captain
  2. Irfan Ul Haq (Mr. Green)
  3. Talha Tahir (TnT)
  4. Assad Javed (Black Viking)
  5. Waseem Safdar (Zalim Pathan)
  6. Nabeel Ahmad (NA1) - Substitute

Frost Fanatics
Frost Fanatics have cleaved unwaveringly to this playing five through the tournament and it is a fair bet they will continue to stick rather than twist. Baray Pappa has patiently waited to get a chance but could find himself carrying the ammunition again.

  1. Muhammad Umair Mirza (Spartan) - Captain
  2. Syed Waseem Ud Din (Cool Aqua)
  3. Ahsan Latif (Swagger)
  4. Zahid Iqbal (Hitler)
  5. Moaz Ali (Muzi)
  6. Khalid Khan (Baray Pappa) - Substitute

Atmospheric Conditions

Partly cloudy conditions are expected in the Friday Evening with temperature around 30C at the start of the match. Winds will blow from the North-West at 5 to 10 km/h. These conditions are forecasted for the atmosphere outside the NBS University; inside it would be too hot to measure, of course, so watch out.

Stats and Trivia

  • If Gamer xs: Redefined dominate the Grand Finale, they would remain the sole unbeaten side of the tournament
  • Frost Fanatics have won the most number of rounds (47/80) of all the teams in the Pool Stage


"In the end, it is the team strategy that matters, not the individual performances."
Reloaded was pleased with team's effort against Frost Fanatics in the Pool Match

"Even when the game was going out of our hands, the team kept striving to make a come back making it a nail-biting contest."
Spartan had praise for team's struggle in defeat against Gamer xs: Redefined

Special Note

This preview is full of information with a blend of sarcasm & jokes. Those who have got it, they have got it right; those who haven't, welcome to the World of Counter Strike.

Preview by Syed Waseem Ud Din, Assistant General Secretary at EMC, NorthBay Solutions.

(Publicised with the consent of the Event Management Committee of NBS & Jury of the Counter Strike Tournament)